How to Stop Snoring

Techniques and Methods to Stop Snoring


There are many tips that can be tried at home to stop snoring, and sometimes, the simple things can do the trick. Sleeping on the back is the most common cause of snoring, and easiest way to stop snoring is to make sure that you sleep on your side. Putting some tennis balls on the back of your pyjamas or shirt can prevent rolling on your back while you are sleeping.

Breathing through the mouth is another common cause of snoring. There are certain devices such as chin straps that can help stop snoring by keeping the mouth closed. There are certain allergies such as food allergies, allergy to dust mite, or pollen or bird or animals, and these allergies can block the nose. Saline nasal sprays can help get relief from the blocked nose, and these are safe enough to be used every day. You can also use nasal clips that hold the nostrils open so that breathing through nose becomes easier.

Exercise can help you lose weight, and increase the lung volume. This strengthens the muscles that are used for breathing and help you stop snoring.

Structural problems are one of the most common causes of snoring, and there are many mechanical devices that help stop snoring. These problems can also be fixed by medication, dental implants, exercises, surgery, and herbal remedies. Some people find mouthpiece useful, but others feel that they are uncomfortable to use. If you want to stop snoring, consider losing excess body fat, and stop smoking. Alcohol is another factor that can cause snoring.

For men and women, anatomical defects can cause snoring, and it is a good idea to get your throat and nose checked by the ENT specialist.

If you need help regarding how to stop snoring at night, read some books, or browse through some websites which can give you enough information about causes of snoring and its remedies. Before undergoing surgery, try your best to find out the right cause of the problem.


Tips to Stop Snoring


Before going to sleep, dont take alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, sleeping drugs or antihistamines, as they cause the muscles to relax, restraining the air passage way. It also helps to avoid the dairy foods as they can cause the mucus build-up just before going to the bed. Avoid sleeping on the back, and sleeping on the side can help stop snoring. Keep some tennis balls in the back of your shirt as it will stop you from shifting to your back while sleeping. Eat a teaspoon of honey beforehand sleeping, and try to follow a steady sleep routine.

To stop snoring, do not eat a big meal just before bed time, as full stomach will push up on the diaphragm and limit the breathing passage ways. It also helps to avoid eating rich foods such as cookies, cakes, pizza, and sweets. To stop snoring, sleep on the firmer pillow as soft pillow encourages the throat muscle to relax, making the air passages narrow. Inhaling steam before going to bed, or sleeping in the room with humidifier also helps stop snoring.

Nasal strips open the nostrils, and help more air to come in and reduce snoring. If you smoke, avoid doing so right before going to bed as smoke can cause swelling and inflammation of the throat. There are numerous anti-snoring nasal sprays and anti-snoring pills that aid you stop snoring. Sleep genie is a new product that helps sleepers to support their jaw while sleeping, and eliminates snoring.

Performing regular exercises of tongue and throat muscles can also help stop snoring. There are many books, videos, and online information available that diagrammatically explain the correct procedure. With age, the muscles get weaker, and these simple workouts can make a great difference.

If snoring is adversely affecting your sleep, consult a medical professional. In severe cases, there might be a need of surgery to stop snoring, and is prescribed by the otolaryngologist after a thorough examination of mouth, nose, throat, neck, and palate.

If you are suffering from snoring, you are not only compromising on your own quality of sleepy, but you might be causing problem to your other family members as well. Getting timely help can progress your sleep, and hence your quality of life.


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